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In January 2014, ten provincial trade contractor associations that had been meeting for years prior, formed the Alberta Trade Contractors Council (ATCC) and formalized their goal to have the government enact legislation that would limit wait times for payment and provide a mechanism for faster resolution of disputes. On August 29, 2022, the Alberta Government announced Bill 37 the Alberta Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act.

The influence of the ATCC leadership on this outcome cannot be overestimated. While the 10 original members of the ATCC were united in their mission, the suggestion that change was needed faced significant opposition from the government and most other industry stakeholders. Undaunted, the ATCC Prompt Payment Team persisted, and through years of meetings, message development, finesse, and negotiations their mission was accomplished.

Today, the support for this new legislation is broad and there are many who are eager to claim their stake in its development. The now 11 members of ATCC know the reality of the commitment needed to push an idea from conception through to a well rounded and encompassing document that will support all industry stakeholders. As trade contractors do, they build something and turn it over for the benefit of others.