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Membership Categories

Membership Withdrawal

Contractor Member Requirements

Contractor Approval Process

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Membership Categories

Membership applications may be made for any of the membership categories as described below.

Consideration and approval of membership applications is at the discretion of the Board.

Membership Requirements

Members are required to meet qualifications for the issuance of ARCA Warranty Ltd. Warranty Certificate.

Members must abide by all Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations applicable to the roofing industry.

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Membership Categories

Roofing Contractor Member

Pays dues & assessments in accordance with Board policy

May vote at the Annual General Meetings or Special Meetings of the Association

May sit by invitation of the Board as a voting member on any committee of the Association

May stand for election and hold office

Associate Member

Pays dues and assessments in accordance with Board policy

May sit by invitation of the Board as a voting member on any committee of the Association

May not hold office and is not entitled to vote at annual meetings or special member’s meetings

Honorary Life Member

Granted by the Board to an individual in accordance with Board policy

Is not required to pay dues

May attend Annual General Meetings or Special Meetings of the Association and is entitled to speak, but may not vote upon any motion before any meeting.

Membership Withdrawal

Membership in the Association may cease as follows:

Any member may withdraw from membership in the Association by delivering a written notice to the Association.

Any member may be required to withdraw from membership in the Association by a vote of 75% of the members at an Annual General Meeting or any Special Meeting called for that purpose.

The Board may, by majority vote, suspend a member’s privileges and membership for non-compliance with Association policy and bylaws. Such suspended membership shall be presented for the members’ consideration at the Annual General Meeting or any Special Meeting called for that purpose.

Membership Requirements

Approved Contractor Requirements

  1. During the first two years of membership, post a $200,000 Financial Surety Bond within thirty (30) days following the date of acceptance by the Board and forward confirmation to ARCA administration. A bond of $200,000 is required thereafter as long as the membership is in good standing.
  2. Submit a written declaration that the company’s principals/officials have received, reviewed and agree to be bound by ARCA bylaws and policies during their ARCA membership.
  3. Obtain membership in the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association. ARCA will invoice the contractor member for their annual CRCA membership dues, approximately sixty (60) days after being granted membership.
  4. Pay all dues, assessments, membership fees, charges, levies made by and payable to the Association sixty (60) days from the date of invoice.
  5. Actively participate in Association meetings, committees and activities.

Member Representation

On an annual basis, each voting member shall provide confirmation of the company representative who is entitled to vote on matters pertaining to the Association.

Branch Offices

When a contractor member establishes a branch office in a different geographic location, city or town, after six (6) months ARCA shall consider this branch office as an additional member, and shall invoice the branch office for annual dues and monthly assessments.


No member shall supply or employ on a sub-contract basis, personnel of non-members for the application of Low-Slope roofing systems and related sheetmetal flashings. Fabrication of sheet metal is permitted by others.

Sub-Contracting for Steep-Slope units, metal roofing systems and related sheetmetal flashings is acceptable, however, supervision of the sub-contractor is the responsibility of the member roofing contractor.

Change of Company Name or Ownership

Members must notify ARCA in writing of the company name change and/or ownership change and provide evidence that the Financial Surety Bond issued of the member is applicable to the new corporation. The new corporation must undertake in writing that they will assume all obligations, which the former corporation had or will have, relating to the Association.

Change of Membership Category

Steep-Slope Roofing Contractor Members may become ARCA Low-Slope Roofing Members by undertaking the following:

  1. Notifies ARCA in writing that they wish to make an application to be Low-Slope Contractor Members prior to undertaking activities in that category.
  2. Agrees to pay the appropriate Low-Slope roofing fees, dues and levies.
  3. The Zone Membership Chairman is notified of change of membership category
  4. After completing a six-month transition period, the applicant shall provide:
    1. Confirmation of journeymen roofers in their direct employment.
    2. A list of a minimum of three (3) projects completed during the transition period that comply with ARCA Minimum Requirements.
  5. Zone Membership Committee:
    1. Completes on-site inspections of a minimum of three (3) projects.
    2. Makes recommendation to the ARCA Board of Directors.
  6. Additional probationary period may be recommended by the Zone dependant upon the experience of the applicant.

Issuance of a Warranty Certificate

Warranty Certificates can only be issued for projects in the contractor category that a member is registered in.

Continuance of Membership Status

Non-compliance with any of the foregoing membership policies or Association bylaws shall be dealt with by the Board.

Contractor Approval Process



  1. Notifies the ARCA administration in writing of their desire to become an ARCA roofing contractor member.
  2. Completes membership application for one of the following categories:
      • Low-Slope Roofing Contractor
      • Steep-Slope Roofing Contractor
      • Metal Roofing Contractor
  3. Application shall be accompanied by:
      • Letter of intent from a Financial Surety Company for issuance of the required bond in the amount of $200,000. Financial Surety Bond must be issued through a bonding company licensed in Alberta (submit to ARCA Warranty Ltd.)
      • Applicant shall submit a $2,500 non-refundable application fee.
      • Two sponsorship letters.


  1. Upon receipt of completed membership application, forwards applicant a copy of current ARCA bylaws, policies and Roofing Applications Standard Manual.
  2. Verifies membership application information is correct and forwards application to Zone Membership Chairman in which the applicant’s business is registered in.
  3. Meets with applicant during membership approval process to review bylaws, answers questions, etc.


  1. On receipt of Membership Application from ARCA administration, the Zone Membership Chairman establishes a Membership Review Committee comprised as follows:
      • A minimum of three Zone roofing contractor members.
      • An ARCA administration representative at the discretion of the Zone membership committee.
  2. The Zone Membership Review Committee:
      • Carries out a review of the contractor’s business operations including inspection of their office and yard facilities.
      • Inspect a minimum of five (5) projects selected from the list of ten (10) completed projects included on their membership application. Projects eligible for inspection shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) squares in area for Low-Slope and Metal roofing and a minimum of fifteen (15) squares in area for Steep-Slope roofing.
      • Complete a minimum of four (4) on-site inspections of projects in progress to ensure that the work complies with the Alberta Building Code requirements. Steep-Slope, Metal Roofing and Low-Slope projects shall be constructed to ARCA Application Standards.
      • Verify the authenticity of the journeymen roofers, in direct employment of the applicant, listed on the membership application. NOTE: This is not a requirement for both Steep-Slope or Metal roofing contractor applications.
      • Determine the roofing company’s knowledge and experience of roofing.
      • Present the Committee’s findings to a Zone meeting for consideration by the Zone’s contractor members. If application is approved by the Zone, it is forwarded to the ARCA Board with a recommendation to approve.