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Benefits for Commercial Projects



Regular independent inspections by an ARCA Accepted Roofing Inspector occur throughout the installation period to ensure that the roofing system and sheet metal flashings have been applied in accordance with ARCA application standards.


An anniversary inspection by an ARCA Accepted Roofing Inspector is initiated by ARCA, on or about the second year from the effective date of the Warranty Certificate. At that time, the inspector provides a written report identifying any areas of concern to ARCA and the building owner. If any items of concern relate to the responsibilities of the roofing contractor they are repaired at no cost to the building owner.

Note: second-anniversary inspection for fifteen (15) year Warranty Certificate at year 9.


In the event the contractor who installed the roof cannot fulfill repair obligations, ARCA arranges for repairs to be made by an alternate contractor at no cost to the building owner. 

(Specific exceptions may be detailed in the Warranty Certificate document.)


The building owner is assured that the roofing system will perform in Alberta. In the event that problems causing leaks due to improper workmanship occur, they will be rectified at no cost to the building owner during the term of the Warranty Certificate.