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Warranty Description

  1. A workmanship warranty against leaks, issued for a five-year term on steep-slope roofing systems in the Province of Alberta.
  2. A joint undertaking by an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association roofing contractor member and ARCA and is available for projects that specify ARCA accepted roofing systems and materials.
  3. Unless defined as residential roofing, new and re-reroofing projects under contract to ARCA contractor members are considered commercial roofing projects and become eligible for issuance of a five-year ARCA Warranty Certificate.
  4. Residential projects are eligible for issuance of a five-year warranty certificate. Residential roofing is defined as a residentially occupied building of four units or less with a total finished roof area of 372 metres square or (4000 square feet), including garages, carports and out buildings located on the same site.

Conditions of Issuance - Steep Slope Roofing

  1. Issued on new and re-roofing projects where the building is affixed to a foundation, within the Province of Alberta.
  2. Only issued by the ARCA office.
  3. Only issued on accepted roofing systems that meet the ARCA Roofing Application Standards that have been applied by an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association roofing contractor member in good standing.
  4. Only issued on roofing systems when they have been inspected by an independent ARCA accepted roofing inspector in accordance with the ARCA Accepted Inspectors' Manual.
  5. Only issued on ARCA approved roofing systems that have been applied under the continuous supervision of an ARCA Roofing Contractor's journeyman roofer.
  6. Only issued when written confirmation is received from the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association roofing contractor member that deficiencies noted on the final inspection report have been corrected.
  7. A building site containing multiple buildings, each under 50 squares, under one contract (site plan provided) may be included on one ARCA Warranty Certificate.

Effective Date of Warranty - Steep Slope Roofing

The effective date of the Warranty Certificate is:

The date of the final roof inspection, or

  1. If the effective date of the Warranty Certificate is to coincide with the date of substantial completion of the project, and this date is more than three months after the completion of the roof the following applies:
    1. A post final inspection of the roofing system shall be conducted by an ARCA accepted roofing inspector.
    2. Deficiencies noted on the post-final inspection report shall be corrected by the roofing contractor of record.

Responsibilities of the ARCA Roofing Contractor - Steep Slope Roofing

  1. Responsible for informing the independent ARCA accepted roofing inspector when forces are on site and when project is complete.
  2. Submits a completed ARCA Project Information Form preferably prior to the commencement of the roofing project.
  3. Repairs any deficiency detailed in the second anniversary inspection report within 90 days from the notification date, at no cost to the owner or ARCA.
  4. In instances of temporary repairs made on Warranty Certificate projects, the roofing contractor shall undertake a permanent repair within the 90-day grace period and provides written verification to ARCA that the repairs have been made.
  5. Warrants the repair of leaks and workmanship related deficiencies for year's one and two of the warranty term.

Responsibilities of ARCA  - Steep Slope Roofing

  1. Oversees the administration process for the issuance of the Warranty Certificate.
  2. Arranges for inspection of commercial roofing projects by an independent ARCA accepted roofing inspector in accordance with the ARCA Warranty Certificate requirements on or about the second anniversary of the effective date of the warranty
  3. Arranges for a final inspection of residential roofing projects by an independent ARCA accepted roofing inspector.
  4. Approves and processes warranty claims in accordance with ARCA Deficiency Repair Guidelines.
  5. Warrants the repair of roofing leaks during years 3, 4 and 5 of the warranty term.
  6. In the event that an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association roofing contractor member ceases to be a member for any reason before the warranty is issued, ARCA assumes the responsibility of the warranty on the condition the building owner agrees to pay the warranty costs and abides by any stipulations/conditions as determined by the ARCA Board of Directors.
  7. Provides full coverage of warranty repairs in the instance that the roofing contractor is unable or unwilling to carry out their responsibilities under the terms of the warranty by claiming on the contractor's bond.
  8. Approves roofing systems in accordance with ARCA Roofing Applications Standards to ensure proven performance in Alberta.

Responsibilities of the Owner - Steep Slope Roofing

  1. For commercial projects, retains/selects the services of an independent ARCA accepted roofing inspector, however where the building owner does not wish to or cannot retain/select or pay for an inspector, the roofing contractor of record may so select on their behalf.
  2. Accepts the conditions of the warranty prior to validation by returning the "Acknowledgment slip" within six months of the effective date of the warranty.
  3. Must notify the roofing contractor of the following conditions, if they occur in the first two years of the warranty term, or ARCA if they occur in years 3, 4 and 5 of the warranty term:
    1. roof leaks
    2. loose or missing sheet metal flashing
    3. physical damage to the roofing system
    4. contaminant spill such as oil, solvent and petroleum based liquids
  4. Any alterations to the roofing system during the warranty period are performed by the contractor of record or with prior approval of ARCA by an alternate Alberta Roofing Contractors Association Roofing Contractor member and inspected by an independent ARCA Accepted Roofing Inspector.
  5. Owner ensures:
    1. operation of roofing drainage system and removal of collected debris
    2. recaulking of metal flashings as needed
    3. gum cups and roofing system penetrations have sufficient and compatible mastic fillers and are topped up as required
    4. roof is not used as a storage area or being abused
    5. roofing system is used for those purposes for which it was designed
  6. In accordance with the ARCA claims procedure the Owner promptly notifies ARCA in writing that warranty repairs are required.
  7. Warranty Certificate is transferable upon prior written approval of ARCA following the inspection of the roofing system. (see Warranty Certificate transfer procedure)

Inspection Requirements - Steep Slope Roofing

  1. All inspection requirements are detailed in the ARCA Accepted Inspector's Manual for commercial and residential roofing projects.
  2. In instances where the building Owner does not wish to or cannot retain/select or pay for an inspector, the roofing contractor of record may so select on their behalf.

Conditions of Continuance - Steep Slope Roofing

A Warranty Certificate may be declared null and void under the following circumstances when:

  1. a written request to cancel a Warranty Certificate is received from an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association roofing contractor member due to non-payment of the contract.
  2. the surface of the roof has been altered in any way without written approval from ARCA and the contractor member.
  3. the acknowledgement slip has not been returned within six calendar months from the warranty effective date.
  4. the occupancy/use for which the building was designed is changed to the detriment of the roofing system.
  5. the owner fails to comply with the owner's responsibilities as detailed in the Warranty Certificate binder.

Updated August 18, 2009