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MR Section 1: General

MR-1.1 Application Standards

  1. ARCA members consider what constitutes the essential roofing practices which must be carried out for a metal roofing system to provide an acceptance service life in Alberta. These essential practices are referred to as application standards and are the basis for the issuance of the Warranty Certificate.
  2. The designer should specify the issuance of the ARCA Warranty Ltd. Warranty Certificate to ensure that the Metal Roofing Application Standards are met.
  3. Due to the complexity and possible combinations of construction, not every situation can be covered by the application standards. The Technical Committee is authorized to rule, upon written application, on situations or conditions not specifically covered by the application standards.

MR-1.2 Warranty Certificate (WC)

  1. The Warranty Certificate (WC) is a joint undertaking by the ARCA Contractor member and the ARCA Warranty Ltd. which assures the owner of the following:
    1. The completed roofing system is comprised of ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted materials proven to perform in Alberta.
    2. An ARCA Professional Roofing Contractor has supervised completion of the roof installation.
    3. The workmanship meets ARCA Warranty Ltd. requirements.
    4. The completed metal roofing system is inspected by an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector for the issuance of a WC.
    5. Any workmanship related leaks which are the responsibility of the Contractor, occurring during year’s one and two of the warranty term, will be repaired at no additional cost to the owner.
    6. In the event that a member contractor defaults on the warranty, for any reason, ARCA Warranty Ltd. will assure their responsibility and liability for the remainder of the warranty term.

MR-1.3 Effective Date of Certificates

  1. The effective date for the Warranty Certificate is the date of final inspection by the accepted independent roofing inspector.
  2. Any deficiencies noted on the final inspection report will be rectified prior to issuance of the warranty document.
  3. If deficiencies are found which are the responsibility of others and which affect the roofing system, the certificate may be issued with a covering letter to the owner outlining the limitations of the certificate (because of such deficiencies) or no certificate will be issued until written confirmation has been received that the deficiencies have been corrected by others.
  4. The designer/owner may wish to have the effective date of the WC coincide with the completion date for their project.
  5. Should the completed roofing system be in service for more than three (3) months after application then the following provisions must be undertaken prior to warranty issuance.
    1. The entire roofing system shall be inspected and a post final inspection report must received from an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector and the cost borne by others.
    2. Any damage or deficiencies found during the post final inspection must be corrected by the original ARCA contractor and the repair cost borne by others.

    MR-1.4 Requirements for Issuance of the Warranty Certificate

    1. A Metal Roofing Warranty Certificate will be issued only when the following conditions have been met:
      1. The roofing contractor is a member in good standing with ARCA and,
      2. All roofing has been applied under the on-site supervision of a journeyman roofer or sheet metal mechanic, employed by a member contractor,
      3. The roofing system has been constructed within the Province of Alberta,
      4. The metal roofing system is one which has been accepted by ARCA Warranty Ltd.,
      5. The application standards outlined in Part 4, Metal Roofing, as well as any other specific specifications which the designer may incorporate which are not inconsistent with the application standards, have been adhered to,
      6. The construction of the metal roofing system has been inspected by an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector, and
      7. The structure on which the roofing system is installed has been permanently affixed to its building site at the time of installation.