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Roofing Application Standards Manual Introduction

Intro-1.1 History

The Alberta Roofing Contractors Association was established in 1961 as a result of a merger between the Master Bonded Roofers Association of Edmonton and the Calgary Built-up Roofing Association. The first Annual meeting of the company was held in 1962. In 1964, this not-for-profit association was incorporated as a limited company and operated as such until July 2000. In 2000 the Board determined that the organization could no longer represent the roofing industry as a limited company. The company was re-organized into two entities, the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) and ARCA Warranty Ltd.

The Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) is a not-for-profit company whose activities are regulated by the Societies Act of Alberta. ARCA is responsible for overseeing the administration of the Warranty Certificate program, membership and training. ARCA provides an advocacy role in supporting relationships with other roofing organizations, government, Alberta Apprenticeship program, and other related industry groups.

ARCA Warranty Ltd. owns and operates the Warranty Certificate Program. ARCA Warranty Ltd. approves application standards, roofing systems and materials for inclusion in the Warranty Certificate program. It tests and accepts independent roofing inspectors providing quality assurance inspections for WC projects and is responsible for the Warranty Certificate liability.

Intro-1.2 ARCA Warranty LTD. Roofing Application Standards Manual

The RAS Manual provides application/workmanship standards for issuance of the Warranty Certificate (WC). Inquiries related to the manual should be directed to ARCA Administration. Due to the complexity of roofing, not all applications situations are included in the Manual. A written “variance” request is required for special applications or for relaxation of the minimum requirements by the Technical Committee.

The ARCA Warranty Ltd. Manual is divided into five (5) Parts. Each Part may contain one or more Divisions. Each Division or Part contains Sections outlining specific application standards for WC issuance. A decimal numbering system has been employed throughout the Manual to reference specific application standards.

Intro-1.3 Warranty Certificate (WC) Program

The Warranty Certificate (WC) is a workmanship warranty covering roof leaks occurring during the warranty period.

The WC is a joint undertaking by ARCA Warranty Ltd. and the ARCA contractor that assures the building owner, subject to certain conditions, that the roofing system and related sheet metal flashing are constructed and applied in accordance with the ARCA Warranty Ltd. application standards (minimum requirements).

The Warranty Certificate may only be issued for buildings affixed to a foundation located within the Province of Alberta.

ARCA Warranty Ltd. issues both a residential and commercial WC. For administration purposes the residential WC provides for residential projects that are a fourplex or smaller in size. The Commercial WC is provided for all other projects.

To qualify for WC issuance, all roofing applications shall be inspected by an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector, in accordance with the requirements of the ARCA Warranty Ltd. Inspector’s Manual.

The Warranty Certificate is offered for ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted low-slope, steep-slope and metal roofing systems.

For commercial projects the effective date of the Warranty Certificate is the final roof inspection date. For residential projects the roofing completion date is the Warranty Certificate effective date.

When the Warranty Certificate effective date is to coincide with the projects substantial completion date and this date is more than three months after completion of the roofing, the owner shall undertake the following requirements at their expense. An ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector shall conduct a post final roof inspection and have the contractor of record complete repair of deficiencies identified on their post final inspection report.

Multiple buildings under one contract, occupying a single project site, with all buildings under fifty (50) squares in area can be included under a single Warranty Certificate.

The Warranty Certificate is transferable subject to prior written approval being received by ARCA Warranty Ltd., following inspection of the roofing system by an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector.

Roofing repair work does not qualify for WC issuance. Assurances to the building owner may be given on repair work by the member in letter form.

Manufacturer’s material warranties are not covered by the WC as they are not issued by the ARCA contractor or ARCA Warranty Ltd.

Intro-1.4 Quality Assurance Inspections

Intro-1.4.1 General

Roofing applications requiring issuance of a warranty document or bond shall be inspected by an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector.

Acceptance is granted to individual roofing inspectors complying with ARCA Warranty Ltd. qualifications and acceptance criteria and is not granted to the firm that employs them. The criterion that governs inspectors activities is outlined in the ARCA Warranty Ltd. “Inspector’s Manual”.

A condition of acceptance is that the roofing inspectors operate their business at arms-length from the business operations of both the roofing contractors and the roofing material manufacturers.

Apprentice roofing inspectors work under the direct supervision of an accepted independent roofing inspector. Apprentice inspectors must be registered with ARCA Warranty Ltd. prior to being assigned to a Warranty Certificate roofing project.

Accepted independent roofing inspectors have the authority to stop the work if in their opinion any condition and/or material warrant such a stoppage.

Intro-1.4.2 Retaining an Independent Roofing Inspector

The owner or their agent selects and retains the services of an ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspector to provide quality assurance inspections for warranty projects. Under extenuating circumstances, ARCA Warranty Ltd. Board may appoint the roofing inspector.

In instances where the building owner does not wish to select an independent roofing inspector, the roofing contractor may so select on the owners behalf.

Intro-1.4.3 Second Anniversary Inspection

Warranty Certificate roofing projects will be inspected by an ARCA Warranty Ltd accepted independent roofing inspector on or about the second anniversary date of the roof application with the exception of residential steep-slope and metal roofing projects.