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Education has always been an important part of our mandate at ARCA. We continue to support and promote the Apprenticeship Program in cooperation with NAIT and SAIT, and will carry on funding the tuition for all levels of apprenticeship training.

Now we are pleased to introduce our expanded education program to provide a career path for your roofers. ARCA members and their employees will benefit from the Roofer Certification Program; the cost of it being covered by ARCA for all Contractor Members.

Roofers working with tar
Classroom at ARCA Warehouse

What You Get

Our goal is to create a program that will instill pride in workers for their accomplishments and create a career plan that will assist member contractors as they develop the next generation of leaders in the industry. All members are welcome to use only the elements of the program that meet their needs.

Accredited Roofer Of Alberta

Individual roofers who complete all elements of modules 1 and 2 will be entitled to use the designation of ACCREDITED ROOFER OF ALBERTA (while employed with a member contractor).

Certified Roofing Professional

By successfully completing module 2 and 3, roofers are entitled to use the designation CERTIFIED ROOFING PROFESSIONAL (while employed with a member contractor).

Certification Road Map

roofer certification course roadmap


ARCA will be recognizing students as they complete the modules with rewards


*Rewards of approximate value

Module 1


*Rewards of approximate value

Module 2


*Rewards of approximate value

Module 3