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Warranty Transfer


When a change of ownership occurs during the Warranty Certificate warranty term, the balance of the coverage is fully transferable to the new building owner(s) provided that the warranty transfer is completed in accordance with the follow procedure:


The existing Warranty Certificate holder notifies ARCA Warranty Ltd. in writing of the pending building sale and ownership change. The warranty transfer form shall be submitted to ARCA Warranty Ltd. prior to the closing date or within thirty (30) days of the transfer of ownership (title). It is the existing Warranty Certificate holder’s responsibility to communicate transfer terms to the new owner.


The warranty transfer form shall contain all information necessary for ARCA administration to complete the warranty document transfer including the certificate number, new owner name(s) including mailing address(es), contact / agent name and other information needed to expedite the Warranty Certificate transfer process and to assist with the proper distribution of correspondence.


A roof condition report shall be submitted to ARCA Warranty Ltd., at the owner’s expense, confirming that the roofing system has been properly maintained, has not been altered or abused and is in good condition prior to warranty transfer. Roof condition reports will only be accepted from ARCA Warranty Ltd. accepted independent roofing inspectors. A roof condition report may not be required when a transfer occurs prior to the second anniversary roof inspection. Should roofing deficiencies be reported beyond the two year anniversary inspection, they shall be corrected by an ARCA contractor member at the owner’s expense. Written confirmation by the roof inspector that repairs have been completed shall be submitted to ARCA administration.


ARCA administration prepares the new Warranty Certificate document(s) as well as the warranty transfer fee invoice and mails both to the ARCA roofing contractor of record. The warranty transfer fee is $250.00 per document plus G.S.T.


The ARCA contractor signs and seals the new Warranty certificate and forwards the warranty documents with the transfer invoice to the new warranty holder or their agent for validation.


The new warranty holder validates the warranty transfer by signing the enclosed acknowledgement slips and by forwarding one (1) to the ARCA contractor of record and one (1) to ARCA Warranty Ltd. accompanied by the warranty transfer fee payment.


ARCA Warranty Ltd’s receipt of the completed acknowledgment slip with payment completes the warranty transfer transaction.


ARCA administration will amend the project’s data base and future warranty related correspondence will be addressed to the new owner.


The new warranty holder shall address correspondence pertaining to the Warranty Certificate to ARCA Warranty Ltd.

Note: Failure to follow the outlined warranty transfer procedure may void Warranty Certificate coverage.

Warranty Transfer Form