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Southern Alberta

Goodwin Roof Inspections & Consulting

Mason & Associates Consulting Ltd.

Dave Hutchinson, RRO

Petra Contract Services Ltd.

Jon Peat – RRC, RRO

Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. Engineers

Phone: 403-283-5073
Fax: 403-270-8402

Stephen Epp, BSc, RRO, P.Eng.

Rimkus Consulting Group Canada Inc.

Phone: 403-452-5831
Fax: 403-452-5833

Jason Taylor, CEC, GSC, RRO

Kory Robins, RSE

RRC Roof Consultants Inc.

Phone: 403-254-1440
Cell: 403-921-7859

Hugh Thorsten

Stephen Potter

Swan Roofing Consultants (Southern) Inc.

Phone: 403-327-4123
Fax: 403-327-9125

Don Wilson, RRO

TCR Roof Inspection Ltd.

Phone: 403-995-1495
Fax: 403-995-1508

Harry Thys, RRO

Northern Alberta

All Peace Roof Inspections Ltd.

Fax: 780-596-2506
Sean Lucas

Allen Desjarlais Independent Inspections Ltd.

Fax: 780-486-4410
Allen Desjarlais

Alpine Roof Consulting Ltd.

Joel Sharp, Civ. Tech.

Dalwing Roof Consulting Ltd.

Munro Williams, Arch.Tech, RRO

DWF Inspections And Consulting Services Ltd.

Fax: 780-922-8372


David Ferleyko

Elements Roof Management Consulting (ERMC) By Wade Engineering

Fax: 780-484-5752

Florian Donsbach, RRO

Sam Hussain, RRO

Goodwin Roof Inspections & Consulting

Fax: 780-477-2391

Carl Bell

Justin Bell, B.Com, RRC, RRO, REWO, CDT, HAAG Certified

Chad MacNeil, CET, RRO, HAAG Certified

Jason Bell, C-NRP

Jordyn Romansky, Arch. Tech. 

Regional Roof Inspections & Consulting Ltd.

Phone: 780-438-4747
Fax: 780-437-7834

Howard Chimko, C.E.T.

Ray Nakonechny, R.E.T.

Richard Kerr

Sundance Roof Inspection And Consulting Ltd.

Phone: 780-907-2424
Fax: 780-401-3276

Jim Groff